EU Economy Brief

EU Economy Brief 20/2017

Quarterly GDP growth in the EU stood at 0.5% in Q1 2017 - Labour productivity in Germany and France increased by 1.2% in 2016 - Unemployment in France fell to 9.6% in Q1 2017 - Equity investment in European companies remained stable at €53.7bn in 2016 - GDP growth in the euro area and the US has converged, but current account imbalances keep growing. mehr more

EU Economy Brief 19/2017

The Outlook for EU GDP growth was upgraded to 1.9%. - Up to 18% of the EA labour force was affected by slack in the labour market. - Nominal wage growth in the UK slowed to 2.3%. - German exports increased by 10.8% and imports by 14.7% - EU youth unemployment went up and down more than twice as fast as total unemployment mehr more

EU Economy Brief 18/2017

Unemployment in the EU declined slightly to 8.0% in March 2017. - HH real income pc in the euro area declined by -0.2% in Q4 2016. - European Commission seeks a single financial settlement with UK of up to €113bn. - Greece and its creditors agreed over next disbursement of its €86bn bailout programme. - Euro-area GDP growth rate overtakes EU28 in Q1 2017. mehr more

EU Economy Brief 17/2017

Government deficit in the EU fell. - EU employment rate reached new peak. - Economic Sentiment Index (ESI) rose markedly in April. - Government bond spreads in the euro area receded after a ‘Frexit’ had become unlikely. - Women aged 30-34 best educated cohort in EU while men 20% less likely to hold tertiary degree. mehr more

EU Economy Brief 16/2017

Projected economic growth in the euro area was upgraded to 1.7% in 2017. - Budget deficit in the euro area is projected to decline gradually to -0.3% of GDP in 2022. - Annual inflation in the euro area slowed to 1.5% in March 2017. - Euro-area business investment rate climbed to 23.5% in Q4 2016. - Labour tax wedge for families in OECD is about 10 percentage points lower than for singles. mehr more