EU Economy Brief

EU Economy Brief 07/2017

Euro-area growth and inflation outlook were upgraded for 2017. - EU trade with the rest of the world dropped by 1.9% in 2016. - ECB net profits increased to €1.2bn in 2016. - UK annual inflation rose to 1.8% in January 2017. - Euro-area current account surplus is expected to fall slightly. mehr more

EU Economy Brief 06/2017

German trade surplus rose to €252.9bn in 2016. - Eurozone Economic Climate index displays most optimistic outlook since 2015. - EU retail sales grew by 2.3% in December 2016. - Greek short-term bond yields exceed 10% for first time since June 2016. - Mobile broadband penetration rate grows to 95% in the OECD in 2016. mehr more

EU Economy Brief 05/2017

Annual inflation in the euro area rose to 1.8% in January 2017. - Euro area unemployment declined to 9.6% in December 2016. - EU quarterly growth rate climbed to 0.6% in Q4 2016. - UK GDP growth forecast for 2017 upgraded to 2.0%. - Tax revenues from labour more than twice as high as from capital. mehr more

EU Economy Brief 04/2017

Euro area government deficit to GDP ratio grows to 1.7% . - Greek primary budget surplus climbs to €4.4 bn. - Eurozone purchasing manager index (PMI) indicates continued growth in January. - UK economy expands at fastest pace among G7 in 2016. - Government debt in the EU continues its gradual decline and falls to lowest level since 2012. mehr more

EU Economy Brief 03/2017

ECB keeps policy rates and asset purchases unchanged. - Euro area private investment declines. - EU trade with the rest of the world shrank. - Pound rebounds after British PM lays out Brexit strategy. - (Potential) EU membership candidates report solid growth, yet high unemployment. mehr more