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Don’t panic

The Financial Times reports on the French reaction to German plans to impose debt writedowns on investors and quotes Lucas Guttenberg, who describes the field of conflict regarding public debt reform. more

Henrik Endelein: SPD must proof its European conviction

The delegates of the German Social Democratic Party met in Bonn on January 21 in order to debate whether the party should agree to start negotiations with CDU and CSU in order to eventually form another coalition government under Merkel. In an op-ed for Spiegel Online, Prof. Dr. Henrik Enderlein, director of the Jacques Delors … more

Don’t overrate the preliminary agreement

The Economist reports about the completion of the talks between CDU, CSU and SPD in Germany. According to Lucas Guttenberg, the text should be read as a “simple openness to talk” and warns about overemphasizing the preliminary agreements between. more