Presentation of the report “Repair and Prepare” in Rome

A lasting reform of the Euro is inevitable to make the common currency crisis-resistant. Therefore, within the frame of the presentation of the report "Repair and Prepare: Grwoth and the Euro after Brexit" in Rome on 30 May 2017, it will be discussed which reforms to the euro area are necessary and feasible in the current political climate. Moreover, a policy paper based on the report will be presented as part of the event. mehr more

New publication series: Europa briefings

As part of our cooperation project „Repair and Prepare: Strengthen the Euro“ with the Bertelsmann Stiftung, we will cover key topics of the European Monetary Union in the election year 2017 in a series of ten poster-size "Europa briefings". mehr more

EU Economy Brief 20/2017

Quarterly GDP growth in the EU stood at 0.5% in Q1 2017 - Labour productivity in Germany and France increased by 1.2% in 2016 - Unemployment in France fell to 9.6% in Q1 2017 - Equity investment in European companies remained stable at €53.7bn in 2016 - GDP growth in the euro area and the US has converged, but current account imbalances keep growing. mehr more

EU Economy Brief 19/2017

The Outlook for EU GDP growth was upgraded to 1.9%. - Up to 18% of the EA labour force was affected by slack in the labour market. - Nominal wage growth in the UK slowed to 2.3%. - German exports increased by 10.8% and imports by 14.7% - EU youth unemployment went up and down more than twice as fast as total unemployment mehr more

EU Economy Brief 18/2017

Unemployment in the EU declined slightly to 8.0% in March 2017. - HH real income pc in the euro area declined by -0.2% in Q4 2016. - European Commission seeks a single financial settlement with UK of up to €113bn. - Greece and its creditors agreed over next disbursement of its €86bn bailout programme. - Euro-area GDP growth rate overtakes EU28 in Q1 2017. mehr more