ESM Reform: Does the Eurozone need new institutions or simply different policies?

On 6 December, the European Commission published a package of legislative and non-binding measures to reform the euro zone in order to make it more resilient to future crises. One central idea is to transform the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) into a European Monetary Fund (EMF). Martin Sandbu of the Financial Times is commenting on the EC’s proposals by referencing the recent policy paper by Lucas Guttenberg, more

EU Economy Brief 49/2017

Tighter global banking rules will require capital increases - Volume of retail trade in the euro area decreased by -1.1% - Average level of public spending on pensions rose by 1.5 percentage points - 10-year Greek government yield fell below 5% - EU still far removed from Europe 2020 R&D spending target more

In memoriam of Philippe Maystadt

It is with deep sadness that we have learned that Philippe Maystadt, former President of the European Investment Bank (EIB), has left us. Philippe Maystadt was not just a key contributor to the European Project, but also a great politician and a brilliant thinker. We at the Delors Institut have lost a friend - Europe has lost one of his greatest supporters. Our thoughts are now with his familiy. more

What future for Europe’s industrial policy?

At the start of his Presidency, Jean-Claude Juncker proposed to re-industrialise Europe. In mid-September this year, the Commission contributed to this target by releasing what it calls their “European Industrial Policy Strategy”. Deutsche Welle reported on this and asked Philipp Ständer, research fellow at the Delors Institut, for an evaluation of the EC’s proposals.   more

Cards are being reshuffled as German Jamaica talks fail

The Financial Times reports about the consequences of the failed exploratory talks between CDU / CSU, the Green party and FDP. After the parties could not find enough common ground, there’s widespread debate on what this means for the prospect of reforming the EU. Delors researcher Lucas Guttenberg sheds light on the delicate situation that this creates for the SPD. more