Appeal for the reaffirmation of European values

On the 60th anniversary of the signature of the Treaty of Rome, Etienne Davignon, member of the board of trustees of Notre Europe-Jacques Delors Institute, launches an appeal for the reaffirmation of European values. Henrik Enderlein, among other international politicians and scientists, has signed the proposal “The awakening”. mehr more

EU to go. 30 min breakfast. Topic: Brexit and its costs

Our institute has a new morning format: Before the start of the working day, have a quick 30 minutes breakfast at the Pariser Platz: get an Espresso, Croissant and EU-input at the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin. 15 minutes input by our researchers and 15 minutes discussion. mehr more

EU Economy Brief 12/2017

In the EU, hourly wages rose by 1.8% in Q4 2016. - Production in the EU construction sector decreased by 3.3% in January 2017. - Non-euro area investors reduced their net holdings of euro area bonds by €192bn in 2016. - Member states made insufficient progress on 90% of EU reform recommendations. - In most major EU economies, productivity growth has improved, while GDP growth has slowed. mehr more

EU Economy Brief 11/2017

The number of people employed in the EU increased by 1.2% in 2016. - The US Federal Reserve raised interest rates to 0.75%-1.0%. - The Euro Stoxx Banks Index recovered from the economic shocks of 2016. - Building permits in Germany increased by 21.6% in 2016 - EU has doubled the share of renewables to 17% from 2004 to 2015. mehr more

Workshop: Rethinking reforms in times of slow growth and rising populism

Many advanced economies have still not fully recovered from the recession. Voters in different countries have voiced their disappointment. Governments are puzzled by how to address two suddenly conflicting demands: to reform the economies and increase growth and to cater to disappointed voters who feel left behind. What is clear, however, is that the distributional effects of structural change and reforms can no longer be ignored. This workshop brings together experts from academia, policy-making and different stakeholders. mehr more