EU Economy Brief 25/2017

Hourly wages in the EU grew by 1.6% in Q1 2017. - EU job vacancy rate reached an all-time high of 1.9%. - German economy projected to expand by 1.8% in 2017 and by 2.0% in 2018. - Italy reduced public spending by €25bn in 2016. - Foreign buyers hold more than 50% of government debt in every second EU member states. more

Statement from Jacques Delors on the passing of Helmut Kohl

"A citizen of Europe has left us. All Europeans should bow to Helmut Kohl and his actions that have inspired and shaped the German reunification, despite obstacles of all kind. At the European level, he has contributed to major progress between 1980 and 2000. Having had the honor of working with him, I truly appreciate the immensity of his accomplishments." more

EU Economy Brief 24/2017

Employment in the EU and the euro area grew by 0.4% - US core inflation fell to a 2-year low of 1.7% - Consumer price levels in the EU varied between 48% and 139% - German exports and imports grew by 0.9% and 1.2% - Material welfare in the EU was highest in LU, DE and AT more

Debate on Franco-German cooperation at the Prague European Summit

As part of the Prague European Summit 2017, Nicole Koenig will participate in an expert discussion on the topic "Paris, Berlin: still deciding the future of Europe?" on 13 June 2017. The focus of the discussion is on the implications of the elections in France and Germany for Franco-German cooperation and the role of other big member states such as Italy, Spain and Poland in the post-Brexit configuration of power in the EU. more

EU Economy Brief 23/2017

Annual euro-area inflation projected at 1.5% for 2017. - Quarterly GDP growth rates for EU and euro area were updated from 0.5% to 0.6%. - British pound falls against Euro after UK conservatives lose majority in parliament. - Spanish bank Banco Popular was sold for a symbolic €1 to Santander. - As France and UK head to the polls this week, their economies are more similar than often claimed. more