Storm over Italy: a toxic atmosphere in Europe?

„Do countries like Germany still believe in Italy?“, asks Henrik Enderlein, director of the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin in the online newspaper Spiegel. The biggest threat the storm currently brewing over Italy poses, is not only the possible comeback of the Euro crisis, but also the growing mistrust between the European states and citizens. According to the designated director of the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, the central elements of any reform for the Eurozone must be higher market discipline and increased risk sharing. If the European states are to save their common currency, they must act together – and do so urgently. more

Foul weather fund vs. Eurozone budget

Commenting on the idea of a foul weather fund to soften the effects of future currency crises, presented by the DIW, the Handelsblatt quotes Lukas Guttenberg from the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin, who points out that “a purely technocratic instrument, which does not create political use”, only strengthened populists. Guttenberg supports French President Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to introduce a Eurozone budget, underlining that any instrument of stabilization requires political control. more