EU Economy Brief 41/2017

Euro-area GDP growth projections upgraded - Today, only 5% of global investment-grade bonds yield above 4% - Business investment rate in the euro area climbed to 23.2% - House prices in the EU rose at an annual rate of 4.4% - Cohesion policy funding makes up more than half of total public investment in 7 EU countries more

Financial Stability Conference 2017: EU at Crossroads

The next Financial Stability Conference is going to take place on 18 October 2017 in Berlin. The aim of the event is to exchange views on topics such as regulation, financial stability and financial sector reforms in the EU. The Jacques Delors Institut - Berlin is a co-organizer of the conference. more

EU Economy Brief 40/2017

Unemployment in the EU fell to 7.6% - Euro-area private sector survey indicates stronger economic growth - Spanish 10-year government-bond yield rose by 14.6 basis points - The number of EU posted workers in Germany increased sixfold from 2006 to 2013 - Corporate tax rates in the EU decreased by almost 8 percentage points since 2001 more

EU Economy Brief 39/2017

Annual inflation in the euro area stayed at 1.5% - EU Economic Sentiment Indicator close to pre-crisis peak - Projection for Germany’s GDP growth in 2017 revised upward - Business creation exhibited upward trend in 9 out of 14 OECD economies - Greater difference in duration of working life between member states more

Op-ed by Franco-German Economist Group on EMU reforms

After the German elections, a group of French and German economists, among them Prof. Henrik Enderlein, Director of the Delors Institut in Berlin, are calling for a reform of the European Monetary Union. France and Germany should join forces in strengthening the common currency by focussing both on more market discipline and risk sharing. more