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Germany: Four questions to “Jamaika”

Europe is in motion. In Brussels and Paris. the EU appears to have engaged in an intense debate on how to revive itself. Only the German political landscape remained silent. But now, all eyes are on Berlin, where pre-coalition talks have taken off between the CDU/CSU, the Greens and the FDP. The author's of this blogpost argue that the "Jamaika" parties should now send convincing answers on four key European questions. more

How to scale-up start-ups in the EU

Start-ups intending to expand in the European Single Market face high barriers. Apart from difficulties to find funding sources or cultural barriers, regulatory and administrative obstacles are the main impediments preventing scale-up. Paul-Jasper Dittrich analyses the most relevant regulatory barriers and discusses current policy proposals to improve the growth environment for start-ups in Europe. more

Posted Workers: How to ensure a fair Mobility?

EU labour ministers met in Luxemburg on 23 October for a landmark discussion on the European framework for posted workers. Sofia Fernandes, senior research fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute in Paris, analyses the issue of posted work in Europe and the challenges for mobility that come with it. more

European defence: Who sits at the table, what’s on the menu?

The military capacity of European states is plagued by 20 years of under-investment, fragmentation and national short-sightedness. While previous attempts at launching Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) in defence failed, a deal is now within reach. Europeans should strike the balance between inclusiveness and ambition, which will set the table for the next decade of European defence cooperation.  more

Commission and European Council: One Hat for Two Heads

Jean-Claude Juncker has renewed the idea of merging the positions of President of the Commission and that of the European Council. Alain Dauvergne, Advisor at the Institute Jacques Delors in Paris, analyses this perspective. While it may seem politically attractive, it still raises delicate institutional issues. more