Publications in: Digital Europe

Lifting Europe’s virtual borders – conference report

Are the initiatives of the Commission to create a Digital Single Market ambitious enough? How can we enable a European innovation culture? On November 7, the Jacques Delors Institut discussed these and further questions with policy makers, entrepreneurs and academic researchers. Speakers included, among others, Günther Oettinger, Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, Obi Felten of X and Dr. Gundbert Scherf of the Federal German Ministry of Defense. mehr more

EU strategy: Reskilling for the fourth Industrial Revolution

The current wave of digital transformation is rapidly changing industrial production processes. If the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the EU is to be a success, an important ingredient is bound to be the mass upgrading of the digital skills of European workers, which will enable them to keep up with the pace of technological progress. Paul-Jasper Dittrich proposes in this Policy Paper a European strategy for this challenge. mehr more

Proposals for higher Factor Mobility in the Single Market

The EU needs higher productivity growth. Higher factor mobility, especially of labour, but also of capital or knowledge and technology, would benefit European citizens as it enhances the efficient allocation of resources and thus boosts productivity and welfare in the Single Market. In this paper, Paul-Jasper Dittrich outlines proposals for a genuine European labour market and product market reforms in the digital sector. mehr more