Publications in: Economic Policy

EMU: Holding the Supervisor to Account

The Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), which gave the European Central Bank (ECB) responsibilities for banking supervision in the euro area, is now 5 years old. The European Parliament is the main political actor with powers to publicly hold the ECB accountable in the SSM. But how does the relationship fare? more

The debate on EU-digital taxation

The so-called ‘Google tax’ is currently the focus of a heated debate. Proponents claim that large digital companies make use of the users’ data, but do not contribute to the public welfare when they shift their profits to tax havens. Opponents fear competitive disadvantages and barriers to research and innovation. While the matter is technical, the debate becomes very political. This blogpost examines why digital taxation is a problem after all and why the European Commission’s proposal for a solution does not fit the bill. more

A European Safe Asset? Perceptions from France and Germany

A common European safe asset is a highly contentious proposal in the Euro area reform agenda. While some policymakers see it as a promising tool, others consider it a threat to the financial stability it aims to improve. In this paper, Kris Best explains the policy rationale of a European safe asset and analyses how the debate is viewed differently in France and Germany based on interviews with economic policymakers in each country. more