Publications in: Economic Policy

What ambition for the European Labour Authority?

The idea of creating a European Labour Authority (ELA) is often associated with the need to better enforce rules on worker mobility, notably with regard to posted workers. However, the authority should also facilitate mobility, in particular by guaranteeing better access to information for both citizens and businesses. Between these two scenarios, Sofia Fernandes distinguishes four tasks that can be entrusted to a new European Authority. more

Looking for the silver bullet – A guide to the ESM debate

The reform of the ESM has become a focal point of the debate on the future of economic and monetary union. Under this label, a wide variety of proposals is discussed: debt restructuring; a possible backstop for banking union; the future of crisis management; or even changing economic surveillance in the euro area. Our study structures a debate which is too often all over the place and offers a guide through the proposals on the table. more

Sovereign debt: Do we need an EU solution?

High levels of sovereign debt have become a serious issue in the Eurozone. This does not just affect the individual member states: The European debt crisis has shown that difficulties in one euro-area country can spread to the entire currency union. What strategies are being discussed for reducing sovereign debt? Would a stronger role for the EU help to reduce debt over the long term or should this be left solely to the member states? more

Economic government: What kind of coordination for the Eurozone?

In the European Union, each member state is responsible for its tax system. Different national regimes help with tax competition, but can also lead to tax evasion or unfair rules in the Single Market. That is why better coordination or even standardisation of taxes is debated. What tax regulations are there already in the Single Market? What would be the advantages and disadvantages of a European tax? And what reforms are being discussed in Europe? more