Publications in: Energy

Making the energy transition a European success

A democratic, innovative, economically viable and socially fair Energy Union can strengthen Europe and avoid energy dependencies and poverty in the future. This policy paper by Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, Sofia Fernandes, Eulalia Rubio and Jean-Arnold Vinois sets out four objectives which could contribute to the success of the Energy Union. more

Why Europe should be a world leader in renewable energy

Europe must move to a cleaner future. We need to embark on a collective project to become the world leader in renewable energy by 2020. Achieving this would go a long way to address key challenges facing Europe today: use innovation to boost on industrial competitiveness, create new quality jobs, lower energy dependence, democratise the energy sector while making it more environmentally sustainable. more

New chapter in EU-Algeria energy relations

This policy paper draws attention to the need for stronger and more targeted energy cooperation between the EU and Algeria. It proposes an EU-supported energy transition in Algeria aimed at switching Algerian domestic consumption to renewable energy. The initiative can be based on the already existing EU instruments, namely the EU-Algeria Energy Business Forum and the reviewed framework of the European Neighborhood Policy. more

Nord Stream 2: Opportunities and Dilemmas

In September 2015, the Russian monopoly Gazprom signed a shareholder agreement with five European energy companies to build two pipelines shipping gas from Russia directly to Germany through the Baltic Sea. Today, the pipeline project Nord Stream 2 represents the most politically contentious energy infrastructure project in the EU. Jekaterina Grigorjeva (Jacques Delors Institut-Berlin) and Marco Siddi (The Finnish Institute of International Affairs) analyse opportunities and dilemmas of the envisaged supply route for the EU. more

Proposal: EU-Russia Gas Commission

The idea of deepening cooperation in the energy field between the EU and Russia is nothing new. Now that trust between Russia and the EU is at its lowest point since 1990, it is time to revive these ideas. Jekaterina Grigorjeva proposes to establish an EU-Russia Gas Commission in order to use one of the strongest interdependencies between Russia and the EU as a foundation for a long-lasting, trusting relationship. more