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Emmanuel Macron: beyond the political right and left

Emmanuel Macron defines sovereignty as European and according to the latest polls, which underline the rise of Macron’s popularity just four months before the presidential elections in France, this strategy might be the right one to win the elections. In an article for Der Spiegel, Henrik Enderlein explains why Macron’s political agenda is also a good chance for Europe to gain momentum. mehr more

Reforming EMU: Legislation and Treaty Change

Our author Federico Fabbrini gives guidance on how to introduce several needed changes to EMU, suggesting that many reforms can be accomplished by ordinary EU legislation, but that improving the EU institutional system ultimately requires changing the EU treaties. In this regard, Brexit may offer a window of opportunity. mehr more

Brexit drama in three acts: Negotiation phases & scenarios

Brussels and London are gearing up for the Brexit negotiations. Prime Minister Theresa May gave her Brexit speech and the Supreme Court ruled that the UK Parliament has to give its assent. The British government is still planning to declare that the UK intends to leave the EU by the end of March 2017. But how will the Brexit negotiations unfold? - Our Policy Paper is now also available in English. - mehr more

Visegrad Four in Brexit negotiations

The Visegrad countries are facing two challenging negotiations: how to secure the best deal in future relations with the United Kingdom and how to influence the institutional response of the European Union to Brexit. In this blog post Jan Jakub Chromiec argues that the Visegrad Four converge on some issues of EU-UK negotiations, but divisions within the group will prevent it from exerting influence on the future shape of EU institutions. mehr more

Appeal: We are Europeans!

We are European, like the hundreds of millions of our compatriots, because we think Europe is our destiny, our project and our hope. This Paper is based on a debate between the participants of our European Steering Committee on 7 October 2016. mehr more