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Germany: Four questions to “Jamaika”

Europe is in motion. In Brussels and Paris. the EU appears to have engaged in an intense debate on how to revive itself. Only the German political landscape remained silent. But now, all eyes are on Berlin, where pre-coalition talks have taken off between the CDU/CSU, the Greens and the FDP. The author's of this blogpost argue that the "Jamaika" parties should now send convincing answers on four key European questions. more

Commission and European Council: One Hat for Two Heads

Jean-Claude Juncker has renewed the idea of merging the positions of President of the Commission and that of the European Council. Alain Dauvergne, Advisor at the Institute Jacques Delors in Paris, analyses this perspective. While it may seem politically attractive, it still raises delicate institutional issues. more

#SOTEU – Mr Juncker’s Delors moment?

On Wednesday, September 13, Jean-Claude Juncker delivered his third address on the State of the European Union (SOTEU). Commentators were quick to label it the most important speech of his presidency. In this blog post, Max Mannweiler explains this alleged importance, how this SOTEU differed from previous ones and why the Juncker Commission might finally become political. more

Brexit and the Freedom of Movement: A legal Primer

Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU are in full swing. A main point of contention involves the freedom of movement of EU citizens. To explore the legal basis and the limitations of this key EU right, we interviewed Federico Fabbrini, professor of European Law at Dublin City University. more

Dealing with the downside risks of trade

The G20 meeting in Hamburg concluded not only with an endorsement of free trade, but also with the resolution to share best practices of how to deal with trade adjustment costs. If there was a silver bullet, we would have already found it. Instead, there are only country-specific solutions. But what are those policies that can help mitigate the adverse effects of trade? This blog post reviews recent contributions to this question. more