Publications in: Foreign relations and security policy

How much does Europe spend on comprehensive security?

In international security affairs, the EU presents itself as a comprehensive power with the unique ability to combine diplomacy, development aid and defence (the three Ds). This policy paper reviews the claim in light of recent expenditure data and asks whether and how Europeans could do better. more

Brexit and the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

The claim ‘Brexit means Brexit’ does not qualify for the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (AFSJ). Resulting from a long history of differentiated integration, the UK has never been a full in- or outsider of the AFSJ. Dr. Funda Tekin argues that a tailor-made Brexit solution should allow for the UK’s future participation in those policy areas in which a full Brexit would lead to a lose-lose situation. more

France and Germany: Spearheading CSDP?

After the Brexit vote, France and Germany put their weight behind a European Security and Defence Union. The will to “revitalise” the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) created new momentum on a range of stagnating dossiers. Faced with a window of opportunity, bilateral and European constraints persist nonetheless. Dr. Nicole Koenig and Marie Walter-Franke offer an assessment of the Franco-German potential for CSDP. more

The missing reflection paper on asylum policy

Under pressure after the shock of Brexit, the EU is seeking to reinvent itself. In March 2017, the Commission published a White paper outlining five scenarios for the future of the EU. Five reflection papers on individual policy areas followed. None was published on asylum and migration, although it figured prominently in the White paper. This blog post fleshes out what the five scenarios of (dis)integration could mean for the future of asylum policy in Europe. more

France and Germany: Shifting gears on European defence?

Germany and France want to become the motor of a European defence union and implement the defence fund in a smart way”, said German Defence Minister von der Leyen in an interview on 10 June 2017. Specific initiatives could be announced at the Franco-German Ministerial Council on 13 July 2017. This is the last high-level bilateral meeting ahead of the German general election. What can be expected in the area of defence? more