Publications by Jan Jakub Chromiec

Agenda for a stronger German-Polish cooperation

The dangerous global political situation forces Poland and Germany to cooperate more closely. In this policy paper, Jan Jakub Chromiec proposes a future-oriented German-Polish agenda. The goal should be to switch from confrontation mode to a mode of cooperative assertiveness. more

Visegrad Four in Brexit negotiations

The Visegrad countries are facing two challenging negotiations: how to secure the best deal in future relations with the United Kingdom and how to influence the institutional response of the European Union to Brexit. In this blog post Jan Jakub Chromiec argues that the Visegrad Four converge on some issues of EU-UK negotiations, but divisions within the group will prevent it from exerting influence on the future shape of EU institutions. more

Re-energising the Eastern Partnership

The November 2015 review of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) underlined the need to strengthen the EaP in line with the commitments at the Riga Summit in 2015. This is an analytical summary of the High-Level workshop "Re-energising the Eastern Partnership" of the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin in cooperation with the German Federal Chancellery and the European Commission, which was held in Warsaw on 13th June 2016. more

Supporting Ukraine’s difficult path towards reforms

The policy paper by Jan Jakub Chromiec and Nicole Koenig gives an overview of the post-Maidan reform process along the four priorities identified by President Petro Poroshenko, assesses its progress and outlines how the EU’s support could be boosted and fine-tuned. more