Publications by Dr. Eulalia Rubio

Mainstreaming innovation funding in the EU budget

This study provides a comprehensive assessment of how the EU budget supports innovation in the current programming period and analyses the approach to innovation financing in the Commission´s MFF 2021-2027 proposals. The findings provide the basis on which to draw recommendations to maximize the use of EU innovation funding in the coming MFF. more

InvestEU Fund: A Rebranded Juncker Fund?

Almost four years ago, EU leaders endorsed the idea of the then recently appointed president of the Commission Jean-Claude Juncker to launch an “Investment Plan for Europe.” Main element of this plan was the creation of a new type of instrument, the “European Fund for Strategic Investments” (EFSI), popularly known as the “Juncker Fund.” In June 2018, the Commission released its proposal of an “InvestEU Fund”, which will replace the EFSI after 2020. Is the „InvestEU“ just a rebranding of the „Juncker Fund“ or are we facing a new and different instrument? more

The Future of the Eurozone

The euro area is not in recovery anymore— it is in full-scale upswing. Even Italy, the current worst performer, will still record 1.3% of growth this year. Looking at these figures, the crisis is clearly behind us and Europe is in decent shape. But substantial risks surround this very flattering outlook. Some of them are economic in nature—most pressingly, the upcoming normalization of ECB monetary policy will be a substantial challenge for a number of member states with high legacy debt. But mostly, the risks are political. The Franco-German compromise at Meseberg has put the right questions on the table. Although they cover only part of the reforms needed for the Eurozone, it makes sense to tackle the three areas now in focus first— banking union, fiscal capacity and ESM reform. more

Multiannual Financial Framework – an assessment

On May 2nd, the European Commission published its proposal for the next Multiannual Financial Framework, covering the period 2021-2027. What the Commission labels a „modern budget that protects, empowers and defends“ marks the start of a crucial political battle over the EU’s policy priorities after Brexit. In this blog post, Jörg Haas, Eulalia Rubio and Pola Schneemelcher take a closer look at the proposal. more

Understanding the Brexit Bill

The “Brexit divorce bill” refers to payments the United Kingdom has to make to the EU to honour its financial commitments made during its membership. Given different viewpoints on its scope and size and on the legal and political arguments around it, Eulalia Rubio explains what's in the "bill" and the EU position on it. The good news: Despite these disagreements, there is space for constructive win-win discussions. more