Publications by Yves Bertoncini

Giving Greece a chance!

OPEN LETTER // Grexit would be a collective political failure. Above all, it would cause a social and economic catastrophe for Greek citizens. The directors of the Jacques Delors Institutes in Berlin and Paris, Henrik Enderlein and Yves Bertoncini, as well as several members of the Eiffel Group and the Glienicke Group call for action. more

Reforming Europe’s governance: a new study by Yves Bertoncini and António Vitorino

Yves Bertoncini and António Vitorino formulate policy recommendations for a more legitimate and effective European governance. Their study focuses on the EU in a broader sense; the “institutional triangle” of EP, Council, and Commission; as well as the Economic and Monetary Union. They call for functional steps to better legitimate the EU’s exercise of power and optimise the functioning of its institutions. more