Publications by Pascal Lamy

The next European Parliament

The European Parliament (EP) elected on 26 May 2019 will not likely resemble the current one. These elections will occur in a context of internal tensions within the European Union, turbulence on the international stage, migration-related and social challenges, spreading fears, identitarian flare-ups, and populism. All these phenomena could lend a significantly more European, and less national tone to the campaign than usual. more

Europe and the collective security challenge

The people of Europe are facing a multi-faceted security challenge that they need to confront together now more than ever before. They need to place their “collective security” at the very heart of the European construction, underlining their recent progress in the field but also framing it within a mobilising global vision. more

EU security: a matter of political urgency

Ensuring the security of the European Union is no longer a technical issue requiring bureaucratic adjustments. Together with a return to growth, security is the major political challenge facing Europeans. Instability in neighbouring countries now has profound effects on the entire Union. The task force of the Jacques Delors Institute in Paris calls European capitals to demonstrate the necessary political will to respond to the threats faced. more

After Greek Deal: 3 Dangers & 3 Opportunities

After the tough negotiations with Greece, our Presidents, Henrik Enderlein and Gerhard Cromme, analyze the dangers and opportunities resulting from the agreement. This tribune calls for greater Franco-German cooperation in order to finally realize the historic goal of completing the EMU. more

EU and Greece: Changing frames and pursuing the Odyssey

Jacques Delors, Pascal Lamy, and António Vitorino take their position on the evolution of relations between the EU and Greece by calling for the pursuit of the Odyssey with Athens in a tribune published by numerous media outlets. more