Publications by Valentin Kreilinger

SOTEU is more than a speech

The blogpost “5 things you need to know about the SOTEU speech” by Valentin Kreilinger, Policy Fellow at the Jacques Delors Institute Berlin, was mentioned in the POLITICO Brussels Playbook on 12 September 2018. more

Five things you need to know about the #SOTEU speech

As Jean-Claude Juncker will deliver his final “State of the Union” speech on 12 September 2018, this is the right moment to take stock of procedural and political issues related to the speech. Valentin Kreilinger offers his five key points on #SOTEU. more

EU’s multi-level system: Strengthening parliamentary voices

Although citizens’ trust in political institutions and the European Union as a whole has recovered slightly, better parliamentary scrutiny can reduce the perceived democratic deficit of the EU’s multi-level system. This Policy Paper is guided by the principles of building upon current practices and avoiding Treaty change. Valentin Kreilinger suggests five measures how to strengthen parliamentary voices. more

The EU’s new mix of three methods

Ever since European leaders signed the Rome Declaration one year ago, the debate on the future of Europe has taken up pace. However, the different methods of integration have only received little attention. This blog post reviews how the Community, Union and Consultation methods have shaped the debate on European integration. more

The European Parliament in Trade Policy

Trade agreements like ACTA, TTIP, and CETA have been widely debated in the EU. This Policy Paper by Laura Wolfstädter, Sophia Becker and Valentin Kreilinger shows how the European Parliament is able to play a major role in the EU’s Common Commercial Policy. It will also have to approve any possible agreement with the United Kingdom about its future (trade) relationship with the EU after Brexit. more