Publications by Dr. Nicole Koenig

Von der Leyen’s in-tray

The Financial Times takes up some of our „boldest suggestions for how Ms von der Leyen can get off to the best start” of our Franco-German New Beginnings Series in their Brussels Briefing. Nicole Koenig recommends overcoming disunity on EU foreign and security policy with an annual “European Security Council”, while Lucas Guttenberg demands a coherent stance on the reform of the Eurozone from the new commission. more

New Beginnings: EU foreign and security policy

EU institutions and member states should join forces to address the capabilities-expectations gap which is widening in light of internal and external contestation. This implies, first, starting with the right institutional set-up, notably a European Security Council providing strategic direction and a Commission DG Defence driving industrial consolidation in the defence sector. Second, the EU should raise the European Defence Union to the next level by addressing divergent arms export policies, strengthening its operational arm and deepening cooperation with NATO. Third, the EU should revitalise foreign policy by taking gradual steps towards qualified majority voting, making the Council’s work more efficient, and developing a longer-term vision. more

Why we need a Commission DG Defence

Do we need a ‘DG Defence’ in the next European Commission? This policy brief by Nicole Koenig makes a case for the establishment of a ‘DG Defence Industry and Space’. It shows how it could look like, where it raises concerns and how these could be addressed. more

Change at the top of the EU

After weeks of thorny bargaining about the EU’s top jobs a surprise candidate emerged for the post of Commission President: Germany’s then defence minister Ursula von der Leyen. On BBC World Service, our deputy director Dr. Nicole Koenig comments on von der Leyen’s qualifications for the job as well as Merkel’s role in the European power play. more

Franco-German jumelage at UN Security Council

The 30th of April marks the end of a Franco-German experiment: the twinning of their presidencies of the United Nations Security Council. In this policy brief we assess this deliverable of the Franco-German Aachen Treaty with a view to its symbolic value and impact on bilateral and EU coordination. more