Publications by Paul-Jasper Dittrich

Digitalization – What can be done to make Europe more competitive?

Paul-Jasper Dittrich participated as a rapporteur in the expert group on digitalization at the International Expert Conference “Europe on the Move? Towards a progressive future!” of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation. The focus of the experts’ discussion was on the central challenges for the European economy and society raised by digitalization. more

Online platforms and how to regulate them: an EU overview

The rapid rise of online platforms has characterized the digital transformation of the last decade. In this paper, Paul-Jasper Dittrich provides an overview of existing regulation of online platforms in the Single Market, examines current regulatory challenges for the EU and proposes policy recommendations for the future European debate on platform regulation. more

Follower Power for the European Parliament

In a little more than a year from now Europeans head to the polls to vote for a new EP. There is a danger that the voter turnout will fall once more. Thus the EP should become more active online. In this blog post Paul-Jasper Dittrich sketches out a possible “get-out-the-vote” online campaign of the EP for the upcoming elections that specifically targets young Europeans. more

Treating Data responsibly

The New York times quotes Paul-Jasper Dittrich on the importance of social media data for scientific research. more

Disruptive Innovation: The prospects of a European Darpa

In his speech at the Sorbonne University in September Emmanuel Macron called for the creation of a new European "Agency for disruptive Innovation”. In a piece in Science Business, Paul-Jasper Dittrich and Philipp Ständer explore the potential structure and remit of such an agency. more