Publications by Philipp Ständer

Four countries, four stories

A decoupling between wages and productivity did not occur in 2013 for the first time: Pola Schneemelcher and Philipp Ständer argue in their Blog Post that a tendency of decoupling started even before the crisis. The researchers of the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin also identified significant differences among the individual member states in regards to the development of wages and productivity. Pola Schneemelcher and Philipp Ständer explain in their Blog Post what this observation means for the debate on the reform of crisis-response instruments and the coordination of economic policies. The Blog Post is a secondary publication on Social Europe. more

Wage-Productivity Gap – Four Tales from the Eurozone

In the euro area wages have been lagging behind productivity growth before and after the crisis. However, the Eurozone average hides vast differences between member states. This blog post compares wage and productivity developments in the four largest economies and examines (1) whether wage and productivity growth decoupled and (2) whether productivity improved at all. more

Missions for EU innovation policy: the set-up matters.

The introduction of research and innovation missions in “Horizon Europe” will be one of the most significant changes on previous EU research programmes. In this policy paper Philipp Ständer argues that the proposed missions are a promising tool for EU innovation policy, as long as they get sufficient political support and the underlying governance is right. more

A bigger budget for research and innovation?

In its proposal for the 2021-2027 MFF, the EU Commission shoots for a big rise in funding for research and innovation. So far, the proposal has met with little resistance from the member states, as countries that would benefit most from research funding are among the traditional net contributors. Will the negotiations on the budget for “Horizon Europe” be as smooth as they seem, considering Brexit and conflicting priorities among the member states? In their article on Science Business Pola Schneemelcher and Philipp Ständer, researchers at the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin, present an overview on the stakeholders‘ positions and why optimism could be premature. more

Why innovation could struggle to be a priority in the next MFF

In the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), the Commission promotes a higher budget for the next research and innovation programme, the successor of Horizon 2020. So far this proposal has not met much resistance. In this Blogpost, Philipp Ständer and Pola Schneemelcher explain why a higher R&I budget is, however, anything but a safe bet. more