Publications by Marie Walter-Franke

Variable geometry risky for refugees: the Danish case

Should the Common European Asylum System accommodate various degrees of integration? With member states unable to agree on asylum reforms, flexible integration has become a temping alternative. Drawing lessons from the ongoing downgrading of refugee protection in the opt-out country of Denmark, this blog post warns that differentiated integration is not a good solution for the EU asylum policy. more

Two years into the EU-Turkey ‘deal’ – taking stock

Two years have passed since the EU and Turkey sealed a ‘deal’ to halt large-scale migration to Europe. As numbers remained low, the public eye turned to other theatres. New developments, however, call for a fresh look at the ‘EU-Turkey deal’. Marie Walter-Franke takes stock of the refugee swapping mechanism and the accompanying aid package. more

External EU Hotspots: The cat keeps coming back

The idea to set up EU hotspots in North Africa keeps coming up as European leaders seek enhanced control of mixed migration in the Mediterranean. Like the cat in Harry Miller’s comical song, external processing of asylum claims just won’t stay away. How realistic is it for the EU to establish external hotspots? This blog post outlines political, legal and practical issues related to the hotspots idea. more

France and Germany: Spearheading CSDP?

After the Brexit vote, France and Germany put their weight behind a European Security and Defence Union. The will to “revitalise” the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) created new momentum on a range of stagnating dossiers. Faced with a window of opportunity, bilateral and European constraints persist nonetheless. Dr. Nicole Koenig and Marie Walter-Franke offer an assessment of the Franco-German potential for CSDP. more

The missing reflection paper on asylum policy

Under pressure after the shock of Brexit, the EU is seeking to reinvent itself. In March 2017, the Commission published a White paper outlining five scenarios for the future of the EU. Five reflection papers on individual policy areas followed. None was published on asylum and migration, although it figured prominently in the White paper. This blog post fleshes out what the five scenarios of (dis)integration could mean for the future of asylum policy in Europe. more