Publications by et alteri

The next European Parliament

The European Parliament (EP) elected on 26 May 2019 will not likely resemble the current one. These elections will occur in a context of internal tensions within the European Union, turbulence on the international stage, migration-related and social challenges, spreading fears, identitarian flare-ups, and populism. All these phenomena could lend a significantly more European, and less national tone to the campaign than usual. more

Making the energy transition a European success

A democratic, innovative, economically viable and socially fair Energy Union can strengthen Europe and avoid energy dependencies and poverty in the future. This policy paper by Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, Sofia Fernandes, Eulalia Rubio and Jean-Arnold Vinois sets out four objectives which could contribute to the success of the Energy Union. more

Appeal: We are Europeans!

We are European, like the hundreds of millions of our compatriots, because we think Europe is our destiny, our project and our hope. This Paper is based on a debate between the participants of our European Steering Committee on 7 October 2016. more

New report: Wake-up call for the EU after Brexit

Reforms and a deepening of European economic and monetary union are vital for the future of the EU. If the euro fails, the entire European project is at risk. These are the key findings of the report "Repair and prepare: growth and the euro after Brexit", which was prepared by an international expert group and puts forward a three-step plan to reform the European Economic and Monetary Union. more

Brexit: A British drama, a challenge for the EU

The EU does not only need firemen, summoned by the “Brexit” to fight the blaze of a new crisis: its next step forward requires more than ever the mobilisation of architects and of prophets capable of restoring a compass and a soul to this unparalleled Union, forged in postwar grief but still making perfect sense in a globalised world for young people and future generations. more