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New report: Wake-up call for the EU after Brexit

Reforms and a deepening of European economic and monetary union are vital for the future of the EU. If the euro fails, the entire European project is at risk. These are the key findings of the report "Repair and prepare: growth and the euro after Brexit", which was prepared by an international expert group and puts forward a three-step plan to reform the European Economic and Monetary Union. more

Brexit: A British drama, a challenge for the EU

The EU does not only need firemen, summoned by the “Brexit” to fight the blaze of a new crisis: its next step forward requires more than ever the mobilisation of architects and of prophets capable of restoring a compass and a soul to this unparalleled Union, forged in postwar grief but still making perfect sense in a globalised world for young people and future generations. more

Franco-German appeal for closer cooperation

The 28 Member States of the European Union must rise to the challenges they face in the refugee crisis, in the economic and monetary crisis with its prolonged high levels of youth unemployment, and in the wars and trouble spots in their neighbourhood. None of these challenges can be resolved by one Member State alone; they all urgently require shared solidarity. This op-ed by a Franco-German group of Parliamentarians and Academics calls for closer collaboration. more