Publications by Jacques Delors

“Es ist Zeit!” – Jacques Delors

At the conference “Making Europe’s Economic Union work”, organized by the Hertie School of Governance in cooperation with the Jacques Delors Institutes in Berlin and in Paris and the Bertelsmann Stiftung on September 19th, Jacques Delors delivered a clear message, which was read out by Pascal Lamy: “The time has come to be, once again, audacious. To continue to construct a Europe that is more effective, more balanced and more united. Now is the time to decide, now is the time to act, now is the time to move forward. Es ist Zeit!" more

Appeal: We are Europeans!

We are European, like the hundreds of millions of our compatriots, because we think Europe is our destiny, our project and our hope. This Paper is based on a debate between the participants of our European Steering Committee on 7 October 2016. more

Europe and the collective security challenge

The people of Europe are facing a multi-faceted security challenge that they need to confront together now more than ever before. They need to place their “collective security” at the very heart of the European construction, underlining their recent progress in the field but also framing it within a mobilising global vision. more

EU security: a matter of political urgency

Ensuring the security of the European Union is no longer a technical issue requiring bureaucratic adjustments. Together with a return to growth, security is the major political challenge facing Europeans. Instability in neighbouring countries now has profound effects on the entire Union. The task force of the Jacques Delors Institute in Paris calls European capitals to demonstrate the necessary political will to respond to the threats faced. more

Schengen is dead? Long live Schengen!

JDI-B About us, Jacques Delors

After the shocking and coward terrorist attacks in Paris, they underline that "we should be united to fight efficiently against the threat of terrorism, in Europe as well as abroad" and that "our desire for security can be more effectively met within the framework of the Schengen area", particularly via an improvement of "our ability to ensure the effective monitoring of what are now our common external borders", says Jacques Delors. more