Publications by Lucas Guttenberg

European Parliament: Time to move on

The European Parliament should commit Ursula von der Leyen to an ambitious agenda and counter the desolate image of the Council with a show of responsibility and foresight. Simply blocking her election as President of the Commission does not help anyone - let alone Europe. more

A budget for the eurozone – revolution or mere symbol?

The French weekly "Le Point" takes up Lucas Guttenberg's criticism of the eurozone's compromise on a common eurozone budget. According to our deputy director, the key points that were presented are merely a "symbolic gesture". Whether a budget in this form would be useful at all, however, remains questionable. more

Europe – What separates the North from the South

„Toxic” for the cooperation in the eurozone - this is how Lucas Guttenberg evaluates the growing distrust between Northern and Southern Europe in a radio report for Deutschlandfunk. Since the financial crisis, clichés and mistrust have paralysed cooperation on the urgently needed reform of the eurozone. more

Five reasons why the ESM reform will fail to deliver

In this policy brief, Lucas Guttenberg looks at the planned reform of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). He argues that while the reform is necessary to finally bring home the backstop for banking union, it clearly falls short of its initial ambition to also substantially improve the Eurozone’s crisis management framework. more

Perspectives on social policy

In a radio interview with WDR 5, Lucas Guttenberg, deputy director of the Jacques Delors Institute Berlin, comments on Emmanuel Macron's call for EU reforms and the response of CDU chairman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Although Kramp-Karrenbauer and Macron agree on some points, their opinions on a common social policy differ. Macron's proposals regarding the European minimum wage must be considered differentiated, says Guttenberg. more