Publications by Lucas Guttenberg

Beyond Industrial Policy: New Growth for Europe

Contributing to the ongoing debate on a new European industrial policy, the authors explain why 'industrial policy' is a misnomer. Instead, they argue in favour of a future-oriented European growth strategy and develop principles and concrete proposals for it. more

Von der Leyen’s in-tray

The Financial Times takes up some of our „boldest suggestions for how Ms von der Leyen can get off to the best start” of our Franco-German New Beginnings Series in their Brussels Briefing. Nicole Koenig recommends overcoming disunity on EU foreign and security policy with an annual “European Security Council”, while Lucas Guttenberg demands a coherent stance on the reform of the Eurozone from the new commission. more

New Beginnings: Eurozone Reform

The new Commission should shift gears. Rather than spending ever more political capital on ever smaller technical reform steps, it should focus on fostering a political consensus on the future direction of Eurozone reform. In parallel, it should ensure that the Eurozone is prepared for the next crisis, which might just be around the corner. This means first to bring the current reform package including a mini-Eurozone budget over the finish line; second to make Banking Union work properly; and third to prepare a playbook for a joint fiscal response in a future recession. more

In search of women

"If the Member States do not send enough women to Brussels, von der Leyen should not shy away from conflict and insist on subsequent nominations", Lucas Guttenberg is quoted in an article by Zeit Online. Von der Leyen is under pressure to act on her promise of a commission with equal representation, after some member states nominated only men as commissioners even against her clear wish. more

European Parliament: Time to move on

The European Parliament should commit Ursula von der Leyen to an ambitious agenda and counter the desolate image of the Council with a show of responsibility and foresight. Simply blocking her election as President of the Commission does not help anyone - let alone Europe. more