Publications by Lucas Guttenberg

Why Meseberg matters – A short explainer

Henrik Enderlein and Lucas Guttenberg explain the main features of the Franco-German position on euro area reform as agreed in Meseberg. They argue that it is an important step forward because finally the two biggest euro area countries have agreed to jointly ask the right questions for the future of EMU and are signaling readiness to give joint answers to them. more

Merkel on EU reform: a decryption

For eight months, the EU had waited for a German response to President Macron’s ideas on EU reform. On 3 June 2018, Chancellor Merkel outlined her own proposals in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. While lacking an overarching vision, she provided some concrete proposals on what she saw as priority policy areas: Eurozone, asylum and border management, as well as foreign and security policy. Here’s what she said and what it means. more

Foul weather fund vs. Eurozone budget

Commenting on the idea of a foul weather fund to soften the effects of future currency crises, presented by the DIW, the Handelsblatt quotes Lukas Guttenberg from the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin, who points out that “a purely technocratic instrument, which does not create political use”, only strengthened populists. Guttenberg supports French President Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to introduce a Eurozone budget, underlining that any instrument of stabilization requires political control. more

Macron faces headwinds

French President Emmanuel Macron faces headwinds from Berlin for his reform plans for the European Union, reports Politico on April 18. The website quotes Lucas Guttenberg, who increasingly doubts "whether even a minimal reform can be achieved by [the next European Council in] June." more