Publications by Max Emanuel Mannweiler

Should Bulgaria join the euro now?

While the Bulgarian case for joining the euro seems compelling, neither Sofia nor Brussels should jump the gun now. Not only does Bulgaria still lack the institutional capacity to be a reliable member of the club; it would also lose improtant degrees of freedom to foster growth and deal with crises at home. This Blog Post argues that Bulgaria’s accession should be based on prudence rather than precipitation. more

Germany: Four questions to “Jamaika”

Europe is in motion. In Brussels and Paris, the EU appears to have engaged in an intense debate on how to revive itself. Only the German political landscape remained silent. But now, all eyes are on Berlin, where pre-coalition talks have taken off between the CDU/CSU, the Greens and the FDP. The authors of this blogpost argue that the "Jamaika" parties should now send convincing answers on four key European questions. more

#SOTEU – Mr Juncker’s Delors moment?

On Wednesday, September 13, Jean-Claude Juncker delivered his third address on the State of the European Union (SOTEU). Commentators were quick to label it the most important speech of his presidency. In this blog post, Max Mannweiler explains this alleged importance, how this SOTEU differed from previous ones and why the Juncker Commission might finally become political. more