Publications by Prof. Dr. Henrik Enderlein

Twelve thoughts on Brexit

We are at half-time in the Article 50 process leading to Brexit. The departure of the UK from the European Union is now exactly 12 months away. This is the right moment to take stock and list a few backward- and forward-looking thoughts. In this Blog Post, Henrik Enderlein opts for straight talk. Here are his twelve key points on Brexit. more

Germany: Europe makes the front page

The European Union has found a prominent role in the new German coalition agreement. “It’s the first time that Europe is the first chapter in a German coalition treaty,” Henrik Enderlein explains in the New York Times. more

Henrik Endelein: SPD must proof its European conviction

The delegates of the German Social Democratic Party met in Bonn on January 21 in order to debate whether the party should agree to start negotiations with CDU and CSU in order to eventually form another coalition government under Merkel. In an op-ed for Spiegel Online, Prof. Dr. Henrik Enderlein, director of the Jacques Delors … more

Group of Franco-German economists proposes roadmap for euro area reform

Leading French and German economists, among them Henrik Enderlein, director of the Jacques Delors Institut - Berlin, have published a joint set of proposals on how to reform the Eurozone. The report, which reconciles aspects of risk sharing with market discipline, aims to bridge existing disagreements among euro area members on the direction that reforms should take. more

The time of über-pragmatism has ended

One day after German coalition talks faltered on November 19, the New York Times takes a first look at the reasons that caused the arguably "greatest crisis of [Angela Merkel's] career." Quoting Henrik Enderlein, Director of the Jacques Delors Institut - Berlin, this moment is part of a wider transition of the German party system, changing "from a very stable proportional system to something more messy." more