EP 2014-19 Key Votes: Recognizing Guaidó


This issue of the ‘Key Votes’ series reviews the European Parliament vote of 31 January 2019 recognising Juan Guaidó, the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, as interim President of the country. The vote shows that there was a solid pan-European majority at a time when the Council was divided. It also illustrates ideological cleavages regarding interference in the internal affairs of a third state, pacifism and Americanism. The interpretation thereof divided Europe’s centre-left and the political extremes. The French and German votes were in line with these patterns with pronounced divisions among the German Greens and the French Socialists.

The ‚Key Votes‘ series dissects some of the most salient European Parliament votes in 2014-19. It analyses relevant political and geographic cleavages and fleshes out French and German specificities.