InvestEU Fund: A Rebranded Juncker Fund?


Almost four years ago, EU leaders endorsed the idea of the then recently appointed president of the Commission Jean-Claude Juncker to launch an “Investment Plan for Europe.” Main element of this plan was the creation of a new type of instrument, the “European Fund for Strategic Investments” (EFSI), popularly known as the “Juncker Fund.” In June 2018, the Commission released its proposal of an “InvestEU Fund”, which will replace the EFSI after 2020. Is the „InvestEU“ just a rebranding of the „Juncker Fund“ or are we facing a new and different instrument? Eulalia Rubio and Fleurilys Virel present the main features of the InvestEU Fund, analyse changes with respect to the “Juncker Fund” and provide a first assessment of the Commission’s legislative proposal.