Henrik Endelein: SPD must proof its European conviction

The delegates of the German Social Democratic Party met in Bonn on January 21 in order to debate whether the party should agree to start negotiations with CDU and CSU in order to eventually form another coalition government under Merkel. In an op-ed for Spiegel Online, Prof. Dr. Henrik Enderlein, director of the Jacques Delors Institute – Berlin, urged the party to form another coalition with the conservatives in order to use the existing window of opportunity to reform the EU: “It’s not as if Europe fails, if this coalition fails. Yet, the much needed restart of the European Union would have failed due to Germany”.

Should the SPD decide to cooperate with the conservatives, it would have the unique opportunity to make progress in terms of European policy. “Europe needs a new start – with more democratization, a strong social component, a strengthening of the euro, a budget worthy of its name, a fight against tax dumping, intelligent control of the digital revolution and a common asylum and refugee policy”, said Enderlein.

You can read the original article in German here.