Voter mobilisation campaign – The european bear

“Sometimes, it needs a spark of phantasy to move people”, says Heidi Kuhlmann, Head of Communications at the Jacques Delors Institute Berlin, in an interview with Euranet Plus. “In Brussels, many laws are drafted and decisions are made that are relevant to all of us in Germany. In order to mobilise as many people as possible for the European elections in May 2019, Heidi Kuhlmann and her colleagues from the Delors Institute in Paris therefore launched the #BearForEU campaign. Inspired by the film “The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain”, in which a garden gnome travels the world, a little Buddy Bear sets off from Berlin to Europe to be passed on from one person to another and to be photographed in different cities, so that its social media account becomes a symbol of a free Europe of short distances.

Get more information in this interview (german).

Find the campaign’s Instagram profile here.