Digitalization – What can be done to make Europe more competitive?

Paul-Jasper Dittrich participated as a rapporteur in the expert group on digitalization at the International Expert Conference “Europe on the Move? Towards a progressive future!” of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation. The focus of the experts’ discussion was on the central challenges for the European economy and society raised by digitalization. Questions regarding the competitiveness of the European digital economy were discussed from two perspectives: At first, the expert group addressed the economic competitiveness in the context of the internal market’s harmonization. The economic point of view was then complemented by a cultural and socially more inclusive perspective. Paul-Jasper Dittrich especially mentions the question of a mental shift towards more inclusive growth objectives as well as the meaning of “storytelling” and “explaining tech” that was raised by participants in the context of the digital change.

Read his full report here.