Brexit: A British drama, a challenge for the EU


The British people’s decisive vote in favour of leaving the European Union has triggered a myriad of different reactions which we need to put into focus on the basis of a few simple considerations: the “Brexit” is first and foremost a British drama; it is the result of a national democratic choice that is a specific, unique case; and it constitutes an additional challenge for the EU, whose supporters need to better assert why we are stronger together.

The Jacques Delors Institute takes a stand in this Viewpoint and focuses on 3 main issues:
1. The “Brexit” is primarily a British drama: render unto Shakespeare that which is Shakespeare’s
2. The “Brexit” is a national democratic choice, thus a specific case
3. The “Brexit” must encourage emphasis on why we are stronger together

The EU does not only need firemen, summoned by the “Brexit” to fight the blaze of a new crisis: its next step forward requires more than ever the mobilisation of architects and of prophets capable of restoring a compass and a soul to this unparalleled Union, forged in postwar grief but still making perfect sense in a globalised world for young people and future generations.

A shorter version was already published in (Germany), Le Figaro (France), La Repubblica (Italy), To Vima (Greece), La Vanguardia (Spain).