Reform proposal for an overhaul of the Dublin system


The massive inflow of migrants that the EU has been facing in recent months and years has put the Common European Asylum System under immense pressure and has called one of its cornerstones, the Dublin system, into question. The EU has responded with a range of emergency measures.  However, a thorough reform is necessary to ensure a fairer and more humane EU asylum and migration policy.

The policy paper by Henrik Enderlein and Nicole Koenig presents a comprehensive reform proposal that links the overhaul of the Dublin system to complementary measures in the fields of border management, internal security and external cooperation. The proposal aims at the establishment of a fairer and more sustainable migration and asylum policy based on shared norms, responsibility and costs. It is based on five building blocks:

  1. De jure and de facto norm harmonisation
  2. Fairer responsibility-sharing through relocation
  3. Upgraded external border control and internal security cooperation
  4. Global responsibility-sharing
  5. Tangible financial solidarity via a comprehensive Schengen Fund


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